Zekalay provides full water work service from Drilling up to Water Supply System Installation

Water Well Drilling

Zekalay General Trading PLC is known by its water well drilling services. Our capable, diverse fleet is able to access all parts of Ethiopia that characterized by diverse topography such as mountains, plains, deserts and valleys.

Water Well Drilling Division of the Company is responsible for drilling operations in the shallow to deep depth range (ground level to 500mtr) and up to a diameter of 17″.

Typical operations carried out by our water well drilling operations division include:

  • Drilling and Construction of Deep, Medium, and Shallow Water wells by deploying the latest drilling machines

  • Rehabilitation of deep and shallow wells

  • Pump testing for deep wells

  • Supply and installation of uPVC and Steel Casing

  • Supply and installation of Hand and Submersible Pump

Pumping Test and Installation.

In line with our Water well drilling service, we also provide a practical, reliable method of estimating well performance, well yield, the zone of influence of the well and aquifer characteristics with dedicated and well equipped pumping test crew.
Further, owing to our vast experience in water well drilling and pumping test, we have started supply and installation of reliable and efficient European made submersible pumps. maximus a eget dui.

Water Supply System Installation

Zekalay provides complete solution water projects from Drilling up to the  final delivery to water destinations or houses or water points.

Installation of pipes

Installation electrical and mechanical system to pump water

Any process or system up to make Water Drinkable