Zekalay General Trading PLC is a multidisciplinary company founded in 2009 GC, with a definite aim to provide reliable and quality service to its customers by investing its resources in the supply of IT products & rental services of heavy trucks.

Encouraged by its initial success, in 20011 GC, Zekalay expanded its business to water well drilling operations in the shallow to deep (ground level to 500mtr) and up to a diameter of 17″.

From our beginnings as a small IT equipment trading company, Zekalay General Trading PLC has rapidly evolved into a known water well drilling company.

After establishing its strong base and developing experience in water well drilling, Zekalay started supply of reliable and cost-effective water well drilling equipment and materials such as well casings, pumps, drilling rigs, bits, and accessories.


Beside supply of water well drilling equipment and accessories, Zekalay engaged in providing power generators and submersible pumps with required aftersales service by establishing a separate and dedicated division equipped with required resources.

Currently, Zekalay is in the process of engaging itself in the manufacturing and agro-industry sectors and is about to finalize the construction of its own building which is located at Ayat, Addis Ababa.


Our Ideology

Purpose Statement

To Elevate the Working Culture of Our Nation’

To address the prolonged nationwide poor working culture of the Ethiopian community and Zekalay General Trading Plc must play its role in playing its part (in contributing its share) in the rise of such positive working culture the country is desperately in need of.


To Honor with Excellence in Export and Import Substitute Manufacturing Industry by 2025 GC


To transform our Company to one of the best competitor Manufacturing Industries in the Country using locally available inputs to produce export and import substitute goods

Core Values

Respect and Value for Its Employees, Conduct Our Work with Integrity and Honesty,  Prioritize Customer Satisfaction, Never Compromise On Quality and Continuous Improvement.


Organizational Structure

One of the strong points of Zekalay General Trading Plc is its establishment of well-organized and efficient corporate governance. 

Executive body in the highest echelon is the Board of Directors, which consists three members, one boards board chairperson and one board secretary and all with relevant experience in finance, planning and project management, law and logistics. The board guides and controls the executive management comprising the General Manager, Commercial DGM, Operation Manager and Finances Manager. The table here under depicts qualification and experience of board directs.

Some of Testimonials

The products and services offered by Zekalay are recognized and praised by many clients(Government bureaus, NGOs, and Private Companies.)